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Tales of a Travelled Piano

ISBN 979-168419237-3

Tales of a Travelled Piano - an extraordinary adventure - regales through the eyes and ears of a once-upon-a-time personal piano to Clara Schumann its journey and musical adventures into Ireland. A music loving family from County Donegal bought this piano in the middle of the 19th century from one of Germany's foremost musical households, not knowing anything of the person's fame from whom they had bought the instrument. With humour and facts, clothed in plain language, the piano gives a glimpse into the cultural and musical landscape of its adopted country during one of Ireland's most difficult periods in history.
The piano challenges some long held and cherished beliefs; and with its tale, extends an invitation to take a fresh look at how Ireland remembers its musical culture. Presenting its musicians and their achievements, their interactions with other classical musicians in mainland Europe, Tales of a Travelled Piano bring to shine again some of the most outstanding cultural ambassadors for Ireland in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
The narrative raises a voice for peace and reconciliation with the various cultural and historical roots that have co-existed on the island of Ireland. It desires to remind its people of a commonly held and intertwining cultural heritage, common to all who shared and continue to share its soil.
The piano wishes to bring back to mind that Ireland was back then also a part of Europe; not standing all on its own at the very western shore of Europe, but forming a vibrant part of European musical culture. This part of Ireland's achievement has been unduly 'forgotten' and the Tales endeavour to skilfully interweave all the different strands that made up the musical and cultural life of its people. The book includes two audio CDs.

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Track List

CD 1

01. Mein Stern (from Clara Schumann - Ein Leben in Liedern played on actual Wieck piano)
02. La Belle Nuit - Nocturne by G.A.Osborne
03. To The Gay Tournament - T.S.Cooke
04. Hills of my Home - T.S Cooke
05. The Lady and the Gipsy - Philip Cogan
06. In April when Primroses - Philip Cogan
07. Terrence Farwell to Kathleen - Lady Dufferin
Setting of Irish Airs as Piano Trio and Voice
08. When He who adores Thee - Beethoven
09. Fly not Yet - Beethoven setting
10. 'Tis the Last Rose of Summer - Beethoven setting

11. Villagers - John Bourke
12. Oh Memory - John Bourke
13. The Woodpecker - Michael Kelly
14. The Mischievous Bee - M. Kelly
15. The Silver Rain - Thomas Augustine Geary
16. Go Gentle Zephyr - T. A. Geary
17. Sweet Evening Star - William Vincent Wallace
18. Why do I weep for Thee - W.V.Wallace
19. Tell Tales - Samuel Lover
20. Coulin - Thomas Moore / John Stevenson
21. The Meeting of the Waters - Moore/Stevenson
22. The Lonely Rose - M.W.Balfe
23. Don't Let the Roses Listen - M.W.Balfe

24. The Day is Done - Michael William Balfe

CD 2

01. Die Nacht - Arthur O'Leary

02. Stars of the Summer Night - A.O'Leary
03. Spring - A. O'Leary
04. Home Sweet Home - R.H.Bishop
05. Kathleen Mavourneen - F.N.Crouch
06. Oh Sing to Me - George Alexander Osborne
07. The Dew Drop and the Rose - G.A. Osborne
08. Robin and Maiden - G.A. Osborne
Piano Trio in G-Major Op52 - G.A.Osborne
09. Allegro Moderato
10. Scherzo
11. Trio
12. Finale
13. Love's Old Sweet Song - James Lynam Molloy
14. Kerry Dance - J.L.Molloy


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Out of the Mist of Time

We are very happy to present you with a unique sample sound of flavours out of the vast vast wealth of music written by women composers through the ages.
There are many reasons, though mainly social, why some of this music does not form part of today's accepted canon classical repitoire.
It was this profound absence, this screaming silence, that aroused my curiosity and questioning in the 1980's, during my time as a student.
I happened to come across some piano music written by Fanny Hensel (nee Mendelsson-Bartholdy), edited by Ries & Erler, Berlin. This was the starting point and as I began searching for more in music antiquity shops, publishing houses in Germany, France and England, establishing contact with the international Archive for Women and Music, the treasure began to reveal itself.
As you listen to this live recording I hope that a marvellous journey of self discovery will present itself to you and all its joys and delights.

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Track List

Muriel Herbert (First half of the 20th Century)
1. Lake Isle of Innisfree

Lili Boulanger (1893 - 1918)
2. Vous m'avez regearde avec toute votre ame

Alma Mahler (1879-1964)
3. Intorduction

Fanny Hensel (1805-1847)
5. There be none of Beauty's daughters

6. Bright be the Place for Thy Soul
7. Farewell!

Ethel Smyth 'Dame' (1858-1944)
8. Chrysilla

Augusta Holmes (1847-1903)
9. Introduction
10. Le Chateau Du Reve
11. Introduction
12. Serenade Printaniere

Clara Schumann (1819 - 1896)
13. Introduction
14. Die Lorelei
15. Introduction
16. Waltzer

Pauline Viardot Garcia (1821 - 1910)
17. Introduction
18. Das Blumlein
20. Die Beschworung
21. Introduction
22. Das Voglein

Jeanne Herscher - Clement (1878 - 1941)
23. Introduction
24. Fandango
25. Introduction
26. Solea


Clara Schumann - A Life in Song

all of Clara's songs written for voice & piano, played on one of Clara's own instruments

You hold before you a historic treasure, a unique journey throught the life of a woman, musician and composer. But it was not only her that had an eventful path, but also her piano, which found its way to Convoy House Co. Donegal, Ireland, situated between the seaports of Rathmelton and Derry. It all started with the engagement of Fanny Montgomery from Convoy House to a Colonel in Dresden in 1840. The engagement did not culminate in a marriage, but instead brought the family back to Dresden two decades later; at which time they purchased Clara Schumann's piano. It is this very piano that accompanies the songs.
I asked myself the question, why Clara choose at that time a certain poetic text and not another. I personally find certain poems speaking to me more than others at certain times in my life, and on closer observation, the text often reflects an experience present or past. This led me to order her songs according to the date of composition and to inject them into the story of her life.
You may see for yourself how much is resonating through the songs.

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Track List

1 Der Wanderer - The Wanderer
2 Der Wanderer in der Sägemühle - The Wanderer in the Sawmill
3 Walzer - Waltz
4 Der Abendstern - The Evening Star
5 Am Strande - On the beach
6 Ihr Bildnes - Her image
7 Volkslied - Folksong

8 Er ist gekommen - He did come
9 Liebst Du um Schönheit - Do you love me because of beauty
10 Warum willst Du Andre fragen - Why do you wish to ask others
11 Die gute Nacht, die ich Dir sage - The good night I say to you
12 Liebeszauber - Magic of love
13 Sie liebten sich beide - They both loved each other
14 Der Mond kommt still gegangen - The moon moves quietly
15 Die stille Lotosblume - The silent lotus flower
16 Lorelei - Lorelei

17 Ich hab in Deinem Auge - I have seen in your eyes
18 Oh weh des Scheidens, das er tat - Ah Woeful is the seperation he caused
19 Ich stand in dunken Träumen - I stood in darkened dreams
20 Sie liebten sich beide - They both loved each other
21 Mein Stern - My Star
22 Beim Abschied - At the farewell

Sechs Lieder aus „Jucunde“ - Six songs from "Jucunde"
23 Was weinst du Blümlein - Why are you crying, little flower
24 An einem lichten Morgen - On a morning bright
25 Geheimes Flüstern hier und dort - Secret whispers here and there
26 Auf einem grünen Hügel - On a green hill
27 Das ist ein Tag der klingen mag - This is a day that may sound aloud

28 O Lust, O Lust - Oh delight, o delight
29 Das Veilchen - The violet


Christmas Carols by Women Composers

The Christmas story, known to us all, seemed to me to incorporate so much of a woman's life. Wonderful and yet questionable circumstances, joy over the expected child, care and hope, pain and despondency, homelessness and consolation, the entire palette of human experience in contained within this story. The works here exemplify this rich variety of women's compositions in all its different shades. There are for example the complex dense layers in the works of Lili Boulanger, the simple folksong - like setting by Luise Greger, improvisational melodies from Bettine von Arnim and artfully shaped miniatures by Rebecca Clarke and Fanny Hensel, to name a few. With some of the texts I have taken interpretational liberties, as they contained suitable symbolic language. Others are clearly defined by the subject matter. The beauty and delight, as in life, is to be found in variety, not in uniformity.

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Track List

1. Muriel Herbert Sing unto the Lord
2. Muriel Herbert I cannot lose thee for
3. Catharina van Rennes Nacht
4. Sibylle Mertens-Schaaffhausen Ich gedachte in der Nacht.
5. Emilie Zumsteeg Lied
6. Fanny Hensel Du bist die Ruh

7. Lili Boulanger Vouz m'avez regarde
8. Alma Mahler Ekstase
9. Alma Mahler Lobgesang
10. Amy Marcy Beach Within my heart
11. Anette von Droste-Hulshoff All mein Gedanken
12. Fanny Hensel Bitte
13. Muriel Herbert My Lady
14. Rebecca Clarke Infant Joy

15. Lili Boulanger A pied de mon lit
16. Elizabeth Poston In Praise of...

17. Catharina von Rennes Madonna-Kindje
18. Elizabeth Poston Be still my sweet...
19. Amy Marcy Beach Fairy Lullaby
20. Luise Greger Jesu Wiegenlied
21. Femine Schults Avondlied

22. Femine Schults Kerstlied
23. Luise Reichadt Die Blume der Blumen
24. Augusta HolmesNoel d'Irlande
25. Bettine von Arnim Ein Stern der...
26. Annette von Droste-Hulshoff Lied des Harfners
27. Bettine von Arnim Wanderers Nachtlied

28. Augusta Holmes Noel
29. Luise Greger Weinachtslied
30. Amy Marcy Beach Empress of Night
31. Emile Zumsteeg Am heil'gen Abend


Music and Legends from the Celtic Isles

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Track List

Songs of Travel:
01. The Peat Fire Flame - trad. Hebrides
02. Legend of Tir nanOg
03. Skye Fisher's Song - trad. Hebrides

Love Songs:
04. Lagan Love - Hamilton Harty
05. She moved through the Fair - trad. Ireland
07. Barra Love Lilt/Erriskay Love Lilt - trad Hebrides
09. The Legend of Diarmuid and Gráinne
10. The lay of Diarmuid - trad. Hebrides
11. Gráinne's Lament for Diarmuid - trad. Hebrides
12. Harp Solo: Carolan's Farewell to Music - T.O'Carolan

13. Lullaby - Hamilton Harty

14. Gartan mother's Lullaby - trad. Ireland
15. Erriskay Lullaby - trad. Hebrides
16. Legend The Children of Lír
17. Silent o Moyle - trad./ Thomas Moore
18. The last Rose of Summer

Faery Songs:
19. Fairy Queen - trad. Ireland
20. The Fairy Plaint

21. Fairy's Love Song - trad. Hebrides

Dance Tunes:
22. Come over and dance with me Eily - trad. Ireland
23. Dance to your shadow - trad. Hebrides


Historic Organ Favourite Hymns

In the 1840s, a young musical woman named Frances Judith Montgomery from Convoy House in Donegal, Ireland was engaged to a Colonel in Dresden. The engagement did not come to fruition; however, nearly two decades later she was to return to Dresden once more; now as Mrs. Wood of Castlegrove with her Irish husband and children and joined by her sister Mary Elizabeth Boyton-Montgomery of Convoy House. In Dresden the families purchased two musical instruments from none other than Clara Schumann herself: the piano once made especially for Clara by her cousin W. Wieck and a reed organ belonging to Clara's late husband Robert Schumann. The Reed organ was made in Dresden by a firm called Kaufmann und Sohn. The fine craftsmanship and reliability of these organs made by Kaufmann und Sohn had already been praised internationally with reviews from the “Wiener Zeitschrift” and “The London Times” in 1851. These musical instruments after their voyage on a sailing boat across the North Sea and Irish Sea came to rest in Donegal. Robert Schumann's organ served in St. Ninian's Church until 1987, being then replaced by the current digital organ. The Montgomery family, church wardens to St Ninian's, had helped to erect St. Ninian's church between 1821-1824. The stained glass window you see on the CD face, also sponsored by the Montgomery family, shows in red-orange colour Convoy House itself. On this CD you can hear the organ donated in the 1860's by M.E.Boyton-Montgomery and family to St. Ninian's in its un-restored present condition. The music once played on Clara Schumann's piano and on the organ bears witness to the diverse and rich musical culture in Ireland: classical and sacred music alongside music for dancing; opposing communities on this island united through its musical culture. The restored organ alongside other (and possibly Irish made) keyboard instruments will help in the rediscovery of a proud and diverse Irish musical heritage.

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Track List

01. Be Thou My Vision - trad. Irish, arr. Colin Hand
02. Be Still and Know - author unknown
03. Seek Ye First - Karen Lafferty
04. The Lord's My Shepherd - J.S.Irvine
05. St. Patrick's Breastplate - trad. Gaelic, arr. J. Colin
06. All Things Bright and Beautiful – W.H.Monk, C.F.Alexander

07. Praise - Ode to Joy - Beethoven, arr. M.A.Baughen
08. The Old Rugged Cross - George Bernard
09. Abide With Me - W.H.Monk
10. Here I am Lord – Daniel L. Schutte
11. How Great Thou Art - Swed. Folk melody, arr. Hine