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"Duality" Soprano Duet and piano

Duality was founded by Elisabeth Goell and Judith Sheridan to explore the rich but rarely performed repertoire for two voices. They present this in an unusual manner by including prose and poetry, thus creating a unique programme and entertainment.

Programme description:

Bird Song at Eventide
is the more classical programme for the venue with a piano. The music of Cherubini, Purcell, Robert Schumann, Kodaly and Fanny Hensel together with traditional folksongs from the Celtic Isles and music by Eric Coates interconnected by suitable poems create a successful and pleasing evening for an audience.

Under the Spreading Oak is for the folk venue. Presenting an Evening of European folk music spanning five centuries, Duality sings in vocal harmony, both in older and more modern forms. Skilfully linking the music by dialogue and stories, their unusual vocal arrangements and blending of voices, in some songs accompanied by guitar, weave through the seasons of the year and the seasons of life. "Under the Spreading Oak" appeals to a wide-ranging audience.

A Victorian Soiree is a re-creation of a musical soiree based upon life and entertainment at Waddesdon Manor during the Victorian era. Duality's unique blend of voices, supported by piano and with a humorous narration based on the life in one of the big houses in the 19th century, this allows the audience to attend and participate both in period dress and their imagination to become part of an entertainment from days long past.

Reviews on Duality

Oberallgäu - Kultur

...their voices blended ideally, their entirely high artistic level was astonishing…

Rems Zeitung:
...with much expression and glow, they led reflectively and humorously through the four seasons. They impressed with their high artistic levels…


In June 2003, at the suggestion of Emma Kirkby, Elisabeth Goell and Rebekah Durston met to explore music for violin, voice and harpsichord/piano.

Both musicians are connected by a deep joy and love for chamber music of several centuries.

The 'Baroque Evening' brings together the music of Arne, Handel, Searlatti, Vivaldi, Bach, Elizabeth-Claude Jacque de la Guerre in a bubbling stream of joyful and reflective sounds.

Their second programme option, 'Mozart to Modern', includes works from Mozart and unknown 18th and 19th Century composers, to modern works by Rebecca Clarke for voice and violin.

A real musical treat

Click here to learn more about Rebekah Durston

Terra Omnis

Terra Omnis is a chamber music ensemble with members from many countries and cultures. Its name is taken from the Latin meaning the The Whole Earth

The members of Terra Omnis hail from Ireland, Germany-Ireland, England, USA, Rumania, Hungary, and Norway. The idea of an ensemble made up of members from different countries and cultures is unique to our current time and finding the right mix of sounds, music and personalities is a powerful experience - one that Terra Omnis means to share

Some programmes feature guest artist Roger Vigulf - Clarinet, from Norway.

Each member has been very successful in their own right as performer. All members have performed with each other in a variety of combinations and are connected by mutual friendship and musicianship. In this way the ensemble is able to perform more frequently and to the highest artistic level. The programmes to date are.

"Along the Fields"
"Songs for a Child"
"Tales of a Travelled Piano"

All programmes are in combination with the visual arts and also include Irish composers of the 19th Century together with other rarely performed works. Appropriate moderating gives the audience a direct and unforgettable experience.