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Allgauer Allgemeine

"........Expression and creation of atmosphere, a very polished voice, impressively bring the music to live and transport into a different world......."

Irish Times

"...an able singer, with one of those combinations of poetry, music and performance which leaves speechless......"

Goethe Institute Dublin

"....Elisabeth Goell & Lauretta Bloomer are a harmonious ensemble, that clearly shows both musicians have found each other across various European borders......"

Heidenheimer Zeitung

"....a voice as clear as the autumn air with poetic strength, capable of every dynamic nuance and an incredible sensibility......"

Clara Schumann - A Life in Song, IAWM CD Review, by Melissa Tosh

"Of special interest is that Bloomer plays the accompaniment on a piano that once belonged to Clara Schumann herself and that the instrument still delivers a warm and appealing sound".
"Bloomer never overpowers the singer and the duo creates ebb and flow through effective use of extreme dynamics"
"Goell is deeply involved with the poetry, expressing longing, cheerfulness or passion as suggested by text and music"
"Lorelei....Goell soars with intensity over pulsing triplets.....she does some of her best singing in this song..."
"The excellent translations are a bonus to this complete collection of Clara Schumann Lieder"
"A recording of good quality, valuable to students and teachers alike and enjoyable for fans of art song"

Out of the Mist of Time...

"A CD full of lovely surprises. Congratulations on a very special presentation" Emma Kirkby

"Loved the songs. Very well sung" James Nelson (Celtic Tenors)